Dr Mohammed Hamid

MBBS Hons MA (Cantab) ADipSAL, ACertSAL (VTCT)

Fitness Feat Founder @thedrtrainer

About Me

My path has come to focus on supporting individuals and communities in nurturing their holistic health and fitness towards a higher quality of life – I’m hoping you can be one of these lucky persons.
Clinically I am preparing towards a career in cancer surgery; and having cultivated my holistic health since 2010, I have opened many doors in my personal life. Feel free to follow my journey @thedrtrainer


2011 - 2014

Cambridge University

British Army Officer-Cadet
Medical Sciences MA (Cantab)

2014 - 2018

King's College London University

Medicine and Surgery (MBBS Hons)


Future Fit Training

Master Personal Trainer (ADipSAL, ACertSAL VTCT)


2014 - Present

Personal Training

Top University Sports Teams
Group Holistic Fitness Sessions
1:1 Holistic Fitness Training


Level 4 Back Pain Specialism
Doctor Exercise Health Referral
Personal Trainer & Gym instructor
Pre- & Post-Natal Exercise & Nutrition
Advanced Resistance; Fat-Loss; Suspension;
Circuit; Core; Kettlebell & Functional Training
Nutrition For Sports; Mums; Children
Weight Management & Obesity Prevention
Behavioural Change & Personal Coaching