KCL Fitness Feat Hub Membership

KCL Fitness Feat Hub Membership

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5 Weekly Fitness Sessions
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Top-End Seminars
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Mental Health

Self-Development Seminars
Personalised Goal-Setting Tools
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  • Niko Moazami - Pharmacy Student, Well-being enthusiast

    Niko Moazami - Pharmacy Student, Well-being enthusiast

    Coming to uni and moving away from your family is undoubtedly a significant change. You’ll get away from all the normalities you are used to, like your regular gym, your group of friends, home made food, etc.
    When I was about to come to KCL, I considered finding a society that will help me in mental, physical and social aspects. As soon as I saw the fitness feat stall in KCL fresher's fair, I knew that I'd found the society which will provide most of my needs as a student and will guide me through different fields.
    I enjoyed the cardio-boxing, HIIT, nutritional seminars, and mindfulness sessions.
    The support, which the trainers provide in variable facets, is endless, and it has indeed helped me to adjust to the student life relatively well. Besides all the benefits provided, I had the chance to meet the nicest and the most enthusiastic people that I've ever met, plus I had a tremendous amount of stress relieved in the sessions while at the same time working on my goal which was to improve my physical endurance.

  • Ella Connolly - Physiotherapy Student; Competitive Sports Enthusiast

    Ella Connolly - Physiotherapy Student; Competitive Sports Enthusiast

    When I came to uni I was determined not to let my fitness take a back seat as it has always been a big part of my life with my background in competitive sport. I went along to a taster session at the beginning of term and was sold straight away! The trainers worked so hard to keep the sessions varied and fun so there was never any chance of getting bored. Fitness Feat isn't just about fitness classes; nutrition advice, psychology sessions and plenty of social events are all included! Not only did the classes improve my fitness but they were also a chance to meet new people and a year later, I'm lucky enough to call these people my friends! I have progressed on to becoming one of the trainers and the new social officers, and can't wait to see what this year will bring!

  • Jaycie Chan - 2016-17 Programme Participant

    Jaycie Chan - 2016-17 Programme Participant

    I never imagined that fitness and I can be such closely related until I joined the Fitness Feat family. This is an absolutely amazing programme that changed my lifestyle. I'm now more health conscious and more active now. The part I love the most is the Fitness Feat community; they are always encouraging, friendly and motivating. I'm excited to continue my fitness feat journey and I hope more people will join this amazing family soon!

  • Rosie Cant - Fitness Enthusiast; Mental Health Nursing

    Rosie Cant - Fitness Enthusiast; Mental Health Nursing

    I started Kings College knowing nothing about health and fitness and honestly could never see myself being someone really interested in the world of health and fitness. I joined fitness feat as i wanted to be a part of a society and I was generally not confident with my figure... I had no idea I was about to flip this area of my life upside down by joining a society at Kings. Not only did I get into shape but I became part of a wonderful social group and met some lovely friends, became educated on physical health, exercise, nutrition and how all of these things contribute to our mental health which has helped me beyond measure as a student mental health nurse. I went from being unfit and lacking confidence and knowledge of exercise to being confident enough to run fitness sessions of my own in less than a year. #TeamFF
  • Grace Flower - Fitness Enthusiast; Biomedical Student

    Grace Flower - Fitness Enthusiast; Biomedical Student

    I attended the Freshers Fair last year knowing I wanted to join a sports team or fitness club but I had no idea what I wanted. I have always been into my fitness but I also wanted to improve my nutritional health. I arrived at the Fitness Feat seminar, greeted with a banana and strawberry smoothie and I was instantly bought. Fitness Feat not only brings you fun, varied fitness classes, it offers nutritional, social and mental health advice. It allowed me to carry on my fitness, whilst also being surrounded by people who want to encourage and support you to achieve your goals. One of my goals was to become more confident in myself and I can't thank the Fitness Feat community more for helping me achieve this goal. I am proud to say I am now one of the trainers of the best fitfam and a social officer for the coming year!

  • ZiQi Loo - Fitness Enthusiast; Biomedical Student

    ZiQi Loo - Fitness Enthusiast; Biomedical Student

    My first exposure with Fitness Feat was through their 12-week holistic fitness programme. Before starting, I'd been exercising for a few years but I was always inconsistent. Through the programme, not did I only manage to push myself beyond my own limit; I also learned how to keep consistent with my workouts. Although every training session felt challenging, the outcome was always fun, effective and satisfying. I don't consider working out as an activity only for my free time anymore; no matter how busy I get, I always make some time for my necessities, one of which is working out: A great habit that I thought I would never able to pick up - That's the best gift I've received from Fitness Feat.

    Maintaining a healthy balanced diet was also one of the most difficult hurdles for a food lover like me; But during the 12 weeks, the group motivated and encouraged each other to continue working towards their goals - It was this social element of the programme that really pushed me through those challenging weeks; and it is also one of the reasons why I have returned to join the community. They made me feel like I was part of a big family; They are always willingly sharing their experiences and useful health tips, and selflessly helping each other.

  • Shonia Nayar; Fitness Enthusiast; Dentistry Student

    Shonia Nayar; Fitness Enthusiast; Dentistry Student

    One of my new year's resolutions this year was to keep fit and stay healthy and I did in fact start working out at home rather regularly. I've always thought fitness clubs/societies were really intimidating and daunting but from some encouragement from friends, I gave Fitness Feat a try and I have no regrets. It was the complete opposite of what I had assumed previously. FF is encouraging, empowering and most definitely, motivating. Whilst working out at home was fine for me, FF brought my fitness to a whole other level. Not only did it push me to my limits, it introduced me to a wonderful community that drives each other forward. I'm honored to be a trainer for FF this year and look forward to it!

  • Sophie Mustoe - Ex-KCL FF President; Final Year Medic & Endurance Runner

    Sophie Mustoe - Ex-KCL FF President; Final Year Medic & Endurance Runner

    I joined Fitness Feat after hearing about their 12-week fitness programme last year. I was eager to get my fitness back up to scratch as I had completed a marathon in November and had taken ‘post-competition recovery’ to the next level by eating everything I could see throughout the Christmas period..! I had tried a few fitness programmes before – you know, the online ones with YouTube HIIT workouts and the like, but I never stuck to them so I wasn’t expecting anything different from the FF programme. How wrong I was! With 4-5 intense sessions per week with some of the most motivated people I have ever met – I was hooked! More than just the high quality of the fitness sessions themselves was the little community that we built up, week on week. It was so lovely to see the same (sweaty!) faces each week and we all kept each other going. There were also lots of socials and seminars alongside the physical sessions, which helped to make me think about the reasons behind my fitness goals and how I would go about achieving them. At the end of the programme, I was so happy with the results! I was much fitter than I was (even before the marathon) and, more than that, I had made some great friends. And now? I’m one of the trainers! It’s so lovely to give back to a community that gave so much to me. I can’t wait to see how the FF family grows this year – huge thanks to all of those who have made it such a fantastic experience so far!

  • Ploy Intawong - Personal trainer; Dentistry Student

    Ploy Intawong - Personal trainer; Dentistry Student

    Fitness Feat has been incredible! I joined half-way through the first term. i was first introduced to fitness feat by the women's tennis captain. Our first fitness class was really bespoke. Mo incorporates key functional training for the women's tennis team. Through out the first term I went to seminars that were a great adjunct to the fitness classes. In the second term I was lucky enough to have been given a spot onto the 12-week program. The program was holistic and focused on all aspects of health; mental, social, nutritional and physical. The program was personalised to my interests, ability and goals. Mo was always on hand to help and advise. I would like to thank Mo and his team, Maggie, Sorabh and Harry for their time and hard work.

  • Michele Guerci – Alumni; War Studies Graduate Student

    Michele Guerci – Alumni; War Studies Graduate Student

    FF has helped me in many ways: Firstly, physically. I have gained a habit and enjoyment in exercising. What's better is that I don't feel the need to do the same activity: FF got me used to different exercises and sports (like boxing). As you long as you train it doesn't matter. FF also helped me mentally to better organise my daily routine and to be more productive. Socially, I learnt the importance of being more open-minded and appreciative of other people's positive aspects. But most importantly FF taught to be realistic and pragmatic in setting my life goals. However long and difficult they may seem, with time and dedication I am sure I can achieve anything!

  • Cheryl Lee – Ex-FF Trainer; Graduate Law Student

    Cheryl Lee – Ex-FF Trainer; Graduate Law Student

    I used to dread going to the gym and the idea of working out had always been a chore.. but since joining fitness feat this has completely changed. I found myself looking forward to the sessions more and more as I got to know the great bunch of people better. It is such an effective program and really good stress relief. There is always a very positive vibe and it’s great fun.

  • Ellie Melvin-Bath – KCL FF President 2017/18; Medical Student & Fitness Enthusiast

    Ellie Melvin-Bath – KCL FF President 2017/18; Medical Student & Fitness Enthusiast

    I really cannot recommend fitness feat enough! I joined the program in my second year and was initially very apprehensive about my own level of fitness and the commitment required. However, I very quickly found that the sessions are modifiable to your own ability and that I was really looking forward to the sessions as they were giving me more confidence, making me more alert, feel happier in myself and helping me to sleep better. Before joining I didn’t really feel like I belonged at KCL and felt quite isolated having had to defer my exams the previous year. I have now made lots of friends across year groups and disciplines and feel like I have got back on my feet! One of the really important aspects for me was the nutritional advice and the group aspect of all of the sessions. Coming from a background of a very unhealthy relationship with food and with exercise, it was great to have a framework and boundaries in place to help me develop healthy habits and to view food as fuel, and exercise as enjoyable, not as a punishment.

  • Aman Sandhur - Boxing Club President

    Aman Sandhur - Boxing Club President

    My time on the fitness feat 12-week program was invaluable. Before starting I had struggled quite a lot with making exercise a regular thing in my life, it often fell onto the back burner, something only for “when I have the time”. However, this program changed that, doing all three prescribed sessions a week seemed daunting at first, but the support offered from the fitness feat family helped me push through. The coaches and instructors were dedicated to us and were happy to answer any and all questions I had. The friendships built through training together, attending the wellbeing sessions, and of course themed socials, helped immensely. While the exercise seemed to be individual, we all supported each other as a team. Exercise has now become habitual, and is something I plan into my week. I am a member of the King’s College London Amateur Boxing club, and am preparing for competition, I will most definitely be using the experiences and techniques I learnt through the program to improve my approach to training and hopefully attain success in competition. I whole-heartedly endorse the Fitness Feat program; by the end you will not see it just as a 12-week program, but a change in your way of life.

  • Ine Fabe – Graduated Student

    Ine Fabe – Graduated Student

    I joined the 12 week fitness first programme and I think it's great especially if you are a KCL student and don't have the time or money to go to expensive gyms far away! The workouts are intense and creative so you accomplish a lot in one hour and will definitely feel the burn the next day.

  • Radhika Patel - Trainers Coordinator; Medical Student, Well-Being Enthusiast

    Radhika Patel - Trainers Coordinator; Medical Student, Well-Being Enthusiast

    My favourite part about Fitness Feat is the seminars. These seminars have not only given me a greater insight into fitness but they’ve helped me mentally too. It’s also a great way to socialise and meet people who are passionate about fitness

  • Matilde Mori - Human Anatomy Student, Swimmer

    Matilde Mori - Human Anatomy Student, Swimmer

    I’ve been going to the HIIT class for a while now and I love it. The first time I went I remember being dead afterwards, I couldn’t even move for the next few days. I immediately thought that was going to be my favourite class!
    It is an incredible way to keep you fit. It is amazing how it is completely dynamic and covers the training of the whole body. By changing exercises every 45 seconds you have the possibility to work on all of your muscles in just 1 workout and to constantly move for 1 hour. While you do it you just feel that you want to die but you guys are very motivational and the atmosphere is full of determined athletes so that makes you really push yourself and achieve what you want even if the fatigue makes you want to stop.
    At the end of the training you feel so exhausted and good at the same time that you could do anything. I love it. And I love how you manage to do your workout, teach us and push us at the same time.
    I find it really useful also because it is a chance to learn new exercises and learn which body part they work on. Also it is a quick training which allows you to practice everyday and even if you don’t have a lot of time you get a full workout with a small amount of time -

  • Lisa Maria Frending - Biomedicine & Global Health Graduate

    Lisa Maria Frending - Biomedicine & Global Health Graduate

    Organise my work better, be more social, be more physically active, get more sleep; all these while keeping mindful, are part of my tick list at the beginning of every academic year. Somehow, however, I never manage to actually tick any of those things. This year, I decided to change that and so decided to join the Fitness Feat society at KCL. I started by going to some of the trial sessions as I was still trying out other societies, but surprisingly, I discovered it was the key to making me achieve all those goals: all of them, are linked! Yeah, once you start, you can’t stop. Once I became a regular attendee of the HIIT and the cardio-boxing lessons, it only got better: I began rewarding myself with something healthy to eat to complement my fitness achievements; I also began organising my schedule so that I had time to attend the lessons while sticking to deadlines without going to bed at 3am every night (which is what I’ve basically done my “entire life”). Plus, when I contacted the president of the society, he was very keen to keep track of my everyday to see how I was achieving all this, and whether I was happy with it and if I could make any improvements to keep consistency during the program. Without realising, the Fitness Feat team had helped me more than I could have ever asked for, including having the funniest nights out at Guy’s bar that I hope to experience in the next semester too!

  • Sonia Bilskaya - French exchange student; Law and english Studies

    Sonia Bilskaya - French exchange student; Law and english Studies

    I was very happy taking part in the weekly sessions organized by Fitness Feat.
    I felt more dynamic and healthy day after day.
    Trust me; do not hesitate in coming to the sessions, you will not be disappointed!
    Especially the cardio-boxing one!

  • Patryk Karter - Calisthenics Enthusiast; Computer Science

    Patryk Karter - Calisthenics Enthusiast; Computer Science

    I joined Fitness Feat in October and I’ve seen many improvements, both physically and mentally, at the beginning I was mainly interested in the seminars about nutrition and meditation techniques since I was already working out on my own, though I discovered that training in this kind of environment, with like minded people gives you an incomparable boost of energy and motivation.
    At FF I feel like in a big family, everyone has that strong commitment and positive mindset, and if you surround yourself with these kind of people then eventually you learn and see the world with a different perspective, a better one.

  • Sami Loibl - 12-week program Participant; Masters student

    Sami Loibl - 12-week program Participant; Masters student

    I can say that FF has definitely helped me physically and mentally, as I am a person that always needs someone to motivate me and give me some kind of structure and routine that I can follow... Therefore, I benefited especially from the diet plan and the goal of visualizing my timetable for the next days. As I have never tried a diet before and never went to the gym regularly I have already benefited from the inputs I got so far (including the system of shopping for 1 week and cooking the meals for the next days). Another great plus is my work out plan that helps me to achieve my goals of a toned body.... The workouts are also a great way to socialize.

  • Aurelie Zoetelief Tromp -  KCL Tennis Player; Biomedic

    Aurelie Zoetelief Tromp - KCL Tennis Player; Biomedic

    I initially came across the boxing and circuit sessions through my tennis team. But soon after, I decided to keep attending the sessions weekly as it was improving my fitness on the court. I particularly enjoy the core workouts

  • Karen Borges - Girls Tennis President 2017/18; Medical Student

    Karen Borges - Girls Tennis President 2017/18; Medical Student

    I absolutely love Fitness Feat! Basically at the beginning of the year I was looking for a way to keep fit whilst doing something new. I was bored of running... I was super excited when I saw cardio boxing on the Facebook page and the fact that the classes were based at Guy’s. The training and equipment is very professional. I wish I could make more of the other classes. Also as I’m using it as fitness for the tennis team, I’ve found it’s a great way to get to know my players better and for us to motivate each other.

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