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3 Sessions Per Week [Also Live Streamed]
Fitness Health Check Tool
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Nutrition Education & Events
Macros Planning & Meal Prepping
Recipes, Tips & FAQs


Goal Setting & Motivation
Meditation & Sleep Support
Mental Welfare & Spiritual Support


Fit-Fam Social Events
Blogging Opportunities
Community Fitness-Wear

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“...once you start, you can’t stop...”
Lisa Maria Frending

Student of Global Health & Biomedicine

“..Exercise has now become habitual...”
Aman Sandhur

Student of Physics & Philosophy, KCL Boxing President

“...The training and equipment is very professional...”
Karen Borges

Student of Medicine, KCL Tennis President & Captain

“...I am now sure I can achieve anything!”
Michele Guerci

Student of War Studies & History

“Fitness Feat has been incredible!..”
Ploy Intawong

Student of Dentistry, Now also a Personal Trainer

“...I went on to become one of the trainers...”
Grace Flower

Student of Pharmacology

“...surround yourself with these kind of people...”
Patryk Karter

Student of Computer Science

“...I also learnt the habit of consistency...”
ZiQi Loo

Student of Biomedicine

“...I became educated on physical health, exercise, nutrition...”
Rosie Cant

Student of Mental Health Nursing

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