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Student Transformations


“Organise my work better, be more social, be more physically active, get more sleep; all these while keeping mindful, are part of my tick list at the beginning of every academic year. Somehow, however, I never manage to tick any of those things. This year, I decided to change that and so decided to join the Fitness Feat society at KCL. I started going to some of the trial sessions as I was still trying out other societies, but surprisingly, I discovered it was the key to me achieving all my goals - all of them! Yeah, once you start, you can’t stop. Everything seemed to connect: Once I became a regular attendee of the HIIT and the cardio-boxing lessons, it only got better: I began rewarding myself with something healthy to eat to complement my fitness achievements; I also began organising my schedule so that I had time to attend the lessons while sticking to deadlines without going to bed at 3am every night (which is what I’ve basically done my “entire life”). Plus, when I contacted the president of the society, they were very keen to keep track of my every day to support me achieving all this, and whether I was happy with it and if I could make any improvements to keep consistent during the program. Without realising, the Fitness Feat team had helped me more than I could have ever asked for, including having the funniest nights out – which I hope to continue experiencing with new members!”
Lisa Maria Frending

Student of Global Health & Biomedicine

“My time on the Fitness Feat experience was invaluable. Before starting I had struggled quite a lot with making exercise a regular thing in my life, it often fell onto the back burner, something only for “when I have the time”. However, this programme changed that, doing all three prescribed sessions a week seemed daunting at first, but the support offered from the Fitness Feat family helped me push through. The coaches and instructors were dedicated to us and were happy to answer all the questions I had. The friendships built through training together, attending the wellbeing sessions, and of course themed socials, helped immensely. While the exercise seemed to be individual, we all supported each other as a team. Exercise has now become habitual and is something I plan into my week. I am a member of the University Amateur Boxing club, and I am preparing for competition, I will most definitely be using the experiences and techniques I learnt through the program to improve my approach to training and hopefully attain success in competition. I whole-heartedly endorse the Fitness Feat experience; by the end you will not see it just as a programme, but a change in your way of life.”
Aman Sandhur

Student of Physics & Philosophy, KCL Boxing President

“I absolutely love Fitness Feat! Basically, at the beginning of the year I was looking for a way to keep fit whilst doing something new. I was bored of running... I was super excited when I saw the sessions on the Facebook page and the fact that the classes were based on campus. The training and equipment is very professional. I wish I could make more of the other classes. Also, as I’m using it as fitness for the tennis team, I’ve found it’s a great way to get to know my players better and for us to motivate each other.”
Karen Borges

Student of Medicine, KCL Tennis President & Captain

“Fitness Feat has helped me in many ways: Firstly, physically - I have gained a habit and enjoyment in exercising. What's better is that I don't feel the need to do the same activity, as FF has introduced me to different exercises and sports. As long as you train, it doesn't matter. FF also helped me mentally to better organise my daily routine and to be more productive. Socially, I learnt the importance of being more open-minded and appreciative of other people's positive aspects. Most importantly FF taught me to be realistic and pragmatic in setting my life goals - However long and difficult they may seem, with time and dedication I am now sure I can achieve anything!”
Michele Guerci

Student of War Studies & History

“Fitness Feat has been incredible! I joined halfway through the first term, and the first fitness class I attended was bespoke. The trainers incorporate key functional training that has improved my health and tennis game. Throughout the first term I went to seminars that were a great adjunct to the fitness classes. I was also lucky enough to get on to one of their holistic programs, which focused on all aspects of health: mental, social, nutritional and physical. The team were able to personalise the experience to my interests, ability and goals; and were always on hand to help and advice. I would like to thank them for their time and hard work.”
Ploy Intawong

Student of Dentistry, Now also a Personal Trainer

“I attended the Freshers Fair last year knowing I wanted to join a sports team or fitness club, but I had no idea what I wanted. I have always been into my fitness, but I also wanted to improve my nutritional health. I arrived at the Fitness Feat seminar, greeted with a banana and strawberry smoothie and I was instantly bought. Fitness Feat not only brings you fun, varied fitness classes, it offers nutritional, social and mental health advice. It allowed me to carry on my fitness, whilst also being surrounded by people who want to encourage and support you to achieve your goals. One of my goals was to become more confident in myself and I can't thank the Fitness Feat community more for helping me achieve this goal. I am proud to say that I went on to become one of the trainers and social officers to the best fit-fam!”
Grace Flower

Student of Pharmacology

“I joined Fitness Feat in October and I’ve seen many improvements, both physically and mentally, at the beginning I was mainly interested in the seminars about nutrition and meditation techniques since I was already working out on my own, though I discovered that training in this kind of environment, with like-minded people gives you an incomparable boost of energy and motivation.”At FF I feel like in a big family, everyone has that strong commitment and positive mind-set, and if you surround yourself with these kind of people then eventually you learn and see the world with a different perspective, a better one.”
Patryk Karter

Student of Computer Science

“My first exposure to Fitness feat was through their holistic program. Previously, I had been exercising for a few years, but it was always inconsistent; But through the program, I did not only manage to push myself beyond my own limits, I also learnt the habit of consistency. Likewise, prior to the programme, maintaining a healthy balanced diet was one of the most difficult hurdles for a food lover like me; But during the programme, we motivated, encouraged each other to work towards and achieve our goals – It pushed me through those challenging weeks. I then decided to join the community as they made me feel like we are all a big family. They selflessly help each other, always willingly sharing their experiences and useful tips. In addition, although every training session seemed challenging, the outcome was always a fun, effective and satisfied one. Now I never consider working out as an activity to do only during my free time - no matter how busy I get, I now always try to spare some time for my necessities, such as working-out. That's the best gift I've received from Fitness Feat - a priceless habit that I thought I would never be able to pick up.”
ZiQi Loo

Student of Biomedicine

“I started University knowing nothing about health and fitness and honestly could never see myself being someone really interested in the world of health and fitness. I joined Fitness Feat as I wanted to be a part of a society, and I was generally not confident with my figure... I had no idea I was about to flip this area of my life upside down by joining this society. Not only did I get into shape, but I became part of a wonderful social group and met some lovely friends; became educated on physical health, exercise, nutrition and how all these things contribute to our mental health which has helped me beyond measure as a student mental health nurse. I went from being unfit, lacking confidence and little knowledge of exercise to being confident enough to run fitness sessions of my own in less than a year. #TeamFF”
Rosie Cant

Student of Mental Health Nursing

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President 2018-19
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Shravan Kumar

Treasurer & Head Trainer 2018-19
At The KCL Fitness Feat Hub, I help you find the appropriate path to your desired fitness level, made simple with fun group exercise sessions for everyone. Add me, an experienced and certified fitness trainer, to your arsenal as we get better together! Warning: The progress gets a little addicting.