About Us

We are...

An international top-competing holistic health and fitness enterprise; benefiting individuals and communities on their journey towards the best versions of themselves, all: Physically; Nutritionally; Mentally; Socially; Intellectually; Financially; Ecologically; and Spiritually… 

Our Name

Fitness in the name Fitness Feat is, an all encompassing word of health, not merely the physical component. It is the wholesome quality that enables you to achieve happiness and a high quality of living, by fulfilling all health components – which we simplify into 8 holistic categories.

Feat describes the process and journey towards the best version of yourself, which we label as your legend and represent by the snow lion logo.

Fitness Feat is often abbreviated as FF throughout the website and our content.

Our Services

Our Silver tier provides a free holistic blog highlighting important ideas and concepts to support you on your Fitness Feat.

Our Gold tier provides communities with holistic services and platforms to support their Fitness Feat.

Our Black Diamond tier is a world-wide regular subscription of holistic services supporting individuals on their Fitness Feat.

Our Diamond tier is an educational platform, qualifying clinical doctors, personal trainers and interested individuals on holistic practices, so they may support their clients or communities on their Fitness Feat.

Our Platinum tier is restricted to the personal clients of @thdrtrainer, and includes 1:1 services and products that excel individuals on their Fitness Feat.